Large Filigree Body Accent with 2 Color Variations

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Crystal body jewelry is a must have for adding something unique and special to evening wear, under lingerie or with nothing at all.  
Sexy and elegant body jewelry is a great way to surprise your man with a night of erotic fun.


  Our crystal skin jewelry is hand made with Swarovski® crystals and self adhesive. Each crystal tattoo is flat on one side and specially cut for use on the body. They have been allergy tested and dermatologist approved which makes them completely safe, non-allergenic and harmless to the skin.

You can apply our Swarovski® crystal tattoos on breasts, stomach, arms, shoulders, back neck, hips, ankles, bikini area or anywhere else you desire.

To Apply

Gently pull the clear backing from the crystal tattoo and place firmly on to exfoliated, clean dry skin. Each design has a strong adhesive backing so that it can be re-used if handled properly. After use, gently peel off of skin and replace back on to the plastic sheet.  

To Reuse

If adhesive is no longer tacky, apply a thin layer of eyelash glue or double stick garment tape to the back of the crystal tattoo.  Apply firmly to desired skin area. 


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