Secret Sexy Jewelry

 Show off your Hotwife with these beautiful and elegant anklets, bracelets and necklaces. Not all queens want their status to be in neon flashing lights yet they still want to tease their man when they go out. Only you, him and whomever YOU choose to allow to get that close will know what the charm on your jewelry means.

Body Accent Pieces

Crystal body jewelry is a must have for adding something unique and special to evening wear, under lingerie, in addition to a costume or with nothing at all. 

Use on breasts, stomach, arms, shoulders, back neck, hips, ankles, bikini area or anywhere else you desire.


I wore the body jewelry on my shoulder. The jewelry stuck on my body the whole night! Also, the design of the jewelry sparkled in the light and it was quite a hit with the girls that saw it! Definitely a great product!

Martha F.

These rhinestone body tattoos look great anywhere that you are trying to add a little extra bling to, product stays on great and you can wear multiple times!

Lindsey L.

Beautifully designed ring...does a great job "enhancing" and is a nice change from standard stainless steel look.

Devan H.

Great quality.. Smooth no rough edges.. Fit well and works amazingly.

Dave P.