Hotwife Adjustable Stainless Steel Ring

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Let your fingers and toes tell your sexy story!

πŸ’• Style πŸ’• Stainless Steel adjustable band with black engraved letters

πŸ’• Size πŸ’• the ring is set to a size six and can be adjusted down to a size four or up to a size eight

πŸ’• Collection πŸ’• Visit our store to see the full collection of HotWife, QOS and other Lifestyle anklets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. Many designs and styles to choose from

πŸ’• Packaging πŸ’• Every piece of H&H jewelry is proudly displayed on a custom branded jewelry card and carefully sealed in a bag before being placed inside our beautifully designed jewelry box and shipped off to our amazing customers. Hand crafted sexiness, with a touch of class in every order

πŸ’• Maintenance Tip πŸ’• As much as you may want to show off your new jewelry by putting it out on display when not wearing it, the best way to keep your new jewelry looking shiny and beautiful is by gently cleaning it after wearing and then sealing it by itself in a small plastic bag